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April 17 2015

February 28 2015

November 12 2013

2013-11-12 16.23.11
2013-11-12 16.26.47

July 24 2011

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Iris嘟嘟畢業典禮:I Will Follow Him(乾爹全場版)

July 23 2011

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Iris 嘟嘟幼稚園畢業典禮-8老師的祝福.MP4
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Iris 嘟嘟幼稚園畢業典禮-7樂器組曲.MP4
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Iris 嘟嘟幼稚園畢業典禮-6舞蹈新春序曲.MP4
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Iris 嘟嘟幼稚園畢業典禮-5英文話劇.MP4
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Iris 嘟嘟幼稚園畢業典禮-4親子與妳共舞.MP4
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Iris 嘟嘟幼稚園畢業典禮-3畢業歌曲 I Will Follow Him.MP4
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Iris 嘟嘟幼稚園畢業典禮-2畢業生致詞.MOV
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Iris 嘟嘟幼稚園畢業典禮-1畢業生進場.MP4

July 03 2011

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July 19 2010

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Iris 中班英文話劇表演

March 22 2010

October 11 2009

September 29 2009

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